New Books!

So, last weekend I said that I was getting new books and I forgot to post so today I’m going to post about three new books that I got last weekend/one that I got this weekend! I haven’t finished any of them except I’m close to finishing one!

I won’t be saying what the book is about but soon I will do reviews about these books and the ones in my last post. Except, I will add bonus pictures of each of their blurbs so instead of me writing a sloppy one you’ll get the official one!

CARAVAL- STEPHANIE GARBER// I got this book yesterday and it’s really good so far!// Age group: 13+// PAGE COUNT: 401

VISIONS- LISA MCMANN// I’m almost done this book, it includes the ‘parts’: CRASH, BANG, GASP and so far it is quite good!// Age group: 14+ (due to profanity)// PAGE COUNT: 759

UNRIVALED- ALYSON NOËL// I haven’t been reading this book a lot compared to the others, but I still really like it because it is about Hollywood and the world of celebrities and everyone wanting to be known in that sense!// Age group: 14+ (due to profanity)// PAGE COUNT: 420

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