Rating Method

Hello! Welcome to my rating method!

My rating method is somewhat scattered, as it shifts according to each book. For example, I will have inevitably enjoyed one specific five-star read to a greater degree than another. And most, if not all, of my earlier ratings/reviews do not compare to my current thoughts on each of the books, for my taste has naturally evolved (as I briefly mention in my “About Me” page).

However, here is my typical rating structure (using a five-star method):

5/5 – I absolutely adored this book. I am likely to have minor complaints but, by and large, I have fallen in love with this story. However, while I have read several 5-star novels, the Harry Potter series will forever be on an unattainable 5-star level.

4.75/5 – Although I very much enjoyed this book, I have one or two particular complaints that cannot be ignored.

4.5/5 – I certainly enjoyed this book; however, I have several complaints that render this book less than a 5-star read. (There is a very fine, indistinct line that differentiates a 4.5-star read from a 4.75-star read.)

4/5 – I enjoyed this book to a fair extent, but there were various obtrusive issues that cannot be ignored.

3.75/5 –  I fairly enjoyed this book, though it was not entirely to my liking.

3.5/5 – This book was fine, but I had many issues with it.

3/5 – This book was passable, but I did not enjoy it considerably much.

2.5/5 – I did not enjoy this book.

2/5 – I really did not enjoy this book.

1.5/5 – Yikes! This book was quite terrible.

1/5 – This book was dreadful.

0/5 – Well. This book I would have already DNF’d.

Thank you for reading! Unfortunately, everything is relative so this rating system does not commonly apply when comparing books.