BOOK REVIEW – Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel by: Cassandra Clare– #1 in The Infernal Devices Trilogy!

AGE GROUP: 14 and up// GENRE: Fantasy/ Romance// AMOUNT OF PAGES: 478// RATING: 4/5



Tessa Grey is supposed to meet her brother in England, but when she arrives the Dark Sisters are waiting for her. They’re members of the Pandemonium Club, a secret organization run by The Magister who wants to take Tessa in as his own for nothing but her power, the power in which she can change into another person, dead or alive.

Tessa is on the run basically from both the Dark Sisters who are training her for The Magister, and from The Magister himself who wants Tessa alive, but for the wrong reasons.

Tessa ends up staying with the Shadowhunters who are demon-fighting warriors. She ends up staying there while also trying to find her brother, Nathaniel, who everyone gets roped into searching for too.

While staying with the Shadowhunters Tessa befriends two best friends and finds herself torn between James or rather Jem as everyone calls him, who has silver hair and is struggling with a peculiar health issue, and Will, the dark and the handsome one who has walls built up around himself which keep his emotions concealed. Both of the Shadowhunters are struggling, but whereas Jem is open and beautiful, Will’s heart is hidden but still deep and can be seen only by Tessa… eventually.

Will Tessa Grey be able to save her brother and struggle with the new secrets that begin to unfold as the Shadowhunter world unravels before her eyes? She may need to choose between saving her brother, Nate, and the love for her new friends.


Before I flood with how much I enjoyed/still enjoy reading this book I’m just going to say this: sorry I haven’t been posting that much, I’ve been really busy with school and stuff but I will start posting way more as summer break rolls in, in just a couple of weeks a.k.a one last full one! Okay, now I’ll get on with this review.

The Infernal Devices is probably my favourite Cassandra Clare series except I do love The Mortal Instruments a lot so never mind, I CANNOT choose!

Clockwork Angel is the first installment in this trilogy and it is not my favourite because I like the second one more but this one is still really good. Let’s start with the pros because there sure are a lot. First off, I really love Cassandra Clare’s writing because there is humour as well as fantastic descriptions of things from the dark to the light to the majestic romance. The character development is really there and you can see it well. The three main characters are Tessa Grey, Jem (James) Carstairs, and Will Herondale and I know you’re probably thinking Oh no! Another love triangle, Twilight is in the air, well, um, you’re wrong! Twilight and Clockwork Angel are quite different and comparing them is not okay. This love triangle (*SORRY THAT’S KIND OF A SPOILER*) is unique in a way that I will describe right now to stop you from thinking about Twilight (don’t get the wrong impression, I’m basic I know, but I do love Twilight like the other millions of teens around the world). Jem is beautiful. His beauty shows through his struggles but Will, he’s dark and arrogant but he cares for Tessa. Jem and Will are best friends and Will’s love for Jem is more powerful than his love for Tessa at first, but will his love for Tessa grow stronger and compete with his love for Jem? Opps, just gave you a question to think about! Okay, I’m so sorry, I’m literally giving away part of the book so I need to stop. Back to my review!

Now, I love this book for many reasons and those reasons are: the world of the Shadowhunters, the romance between Tessa, Jem, and Will, and biggest of all, the PLOT! There is never just one plot in Cassandra Clare’s books, there are always mini ones and then big ones like most well done books. However, the creativity of the characters who I absolutely love and each well thought out point had me falling more in love with this book than ever. But, even though I gave this a 4 out of 5, that doesn’t mean I do not love it, I’m just basing it off of how I feel about the Clockwork Prince (the second one) which is my favourite.

This first book really is just an eye opener into the world of Shadowhunters and it just sets up everything like the villain and the base for the ongoing love triangle. I didn’t love this one as much as the rest of the series because it was kind of predictable and I guessed some of the things that ended up happening which I am NOT going to state because I do not intend on ruining the book for you!

To finish off this review I will state something that I didn’t really enjoy or like. Now, like I said I didn’t find this book that interesting in terms of twists but since I’ve already read the series and I’m going at it for my second time because I’m a hardcore fan of Cassandra Clare’s books, I know that the books take a turn and one of the reasons that the second one is my fav is because of how much of Will you really get to see. You get to see more behind the reasons of why he has hidden his heart from the world and I really love that because Will is my favourite character! So, what I’ve taken from this book is the writing style of Cassandra Clare is good but I like her writing a little more in The Mortal Instruments but even there it is just good. Now, I don’t read or love these books for how good or bad their writing is, I read them because I love the world Cassandra has created and I so want to live in it, minus the demons. Clockwork Angel is a great book and The Infernal Devices trilogy is one of my favourite trilogies! Give it a look because if you’re interested in some good summer reading and you enjoy a beauty of a love triangle, a deep fantasy book, and have read some of Cassandra Clare’s books already, then I’d recommend this book for you!


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