BOOK REVIEW – Shatter Me

Shatter Me by: Tahereh Mafi- #1 in the Shatter Me series!

AGE GROUP: 14 and up// GENRE: Dystopian/Romance// AMOUNT OF PAGES: 329// RATING: 3/5



Juliette has never been the ordinary teenager. Her touch is fatal. No one knows exactly why but The Reestablishment has taken her in and wants to use her for their own benefit. Her touch is power and the head of Sector 45 in The Reestablishment desperately wants Juliette for himself. He wants to use her as a weapon.

However, after spending far too long in that cell and that environment, she has plans of her own. She wants to find a life with the boy she thought she would never be able to see again.

Juliette doesn’t have a lot of or any self love, but will she need to embrace her power to make better decisions for her future or will she be able to continue thinking of herself as an abomination?


I honestly thought this book was okay.

Sorry for not posting a lot but I finished this book a couple days ago and I was not highly impressed. Now, let’s jump right into this review!

To start with the pros, I really loved how Tahereh Mafi expressed just how chaotic Juliette’s head was. She was constantly thinking too many things at once so Tahereh Mafi crossed out sentences or words to show that Juliette shouldn’t, or doesn’t want to, be thinking about that. I have never read a book where the author chose to have their character think something and then cross it out. Also, Tahereh Mafi didn’t add comas in, to thoroughly show that Juliette was thinking so many things all at once without pausing, and I loved that! It really created a character to easily be able to relate to in the sense that when we are thinking things we don’t always pause like people in books do. Only when we talk do we actually pause, but when we think we just want to spit our thoughts out, basically.

Another thing I loved was the cover (yes, I know this has nothing to do with the writing but I’m including it anyway!) because it is so nice to look at! It’s not like one of those books that has an awful cover with people on it or something, this one really looks into the dystopian aspect of Shatter Me! There is a huge nature-filled eye, the eyelashes are trees and there is a waterfall coming out of the bottom of the eye almost like tears. Everything is so beautifully articulated and I just really love it! It’s so pleasing to look at in my opinion.

It didn’t even take me long to read Shatter Me because it kept me thinking and I wanted to read more because I was so interested yet I didn’t really love the book. That’s the weird part.😂😏 I did like reading this book but I felt that in the space of 329 pages, it moved way too fast. We barely got to really meet any of the characters because it was more action packed. However, we got to really get to know Juliette but all in all I didn’t feel like she was the star of the book even though she was the main character. Something is missing to her because she was constantly looking down on everything and I get it because she can kill someone with her touch and she was being trapped in some building in the middle of no where. So yes, I get that her life isn’t the best but I didn’t feel like she was the most interesting person as far as a character goes. A character is a character: they’re not real and their author can make them however they want them to be, so at least make them interesting! In the book Six of Crows you got to know so many different characters so well and I loved that, but with Shatter Me you really don’t get to look at each character and that’s because it’s told from Juliette’s POV but with tons of other books you can still get to know each character even from one POV! For example: Warner (one of the characters) is the “bad guy” in Shatter Me but unlike Snape from Harry Potter, Tahereh Mafi created a novella for Warner in order to take a look at his thoughts, whereas in other books the author’s find ways to give you hints at the “bad guy’s” and even just regular characters’ motives and personalities. So, to sum this con up I’m saying that I didn’t like how I really didn’t get to know the characters as well as I would’ve liked to and I found that everything moved way to fast. There wasn’t enough detail, it was more plan after plan after plan.

One of the other things I didn’t like about Shatter Me was the plot. I didn’t find the fact that Juliette could touch someone and they’d die, very captivating and creative. The idea of being held in a building to be used as a weapon because you can kill people with your touch, isn’t very original in my mind. I know I previously stated that I actually liked the book while I was reading it, but I think that was partly because of the romance. Tahereh Mafi did a good job creating those parts of the book😂! Although I did like the dialogue because I felt some of that was funny and smart, I didn’t like a huge part of the plot, like I said. In this book I felt like it was a little weak but I hope it strengthens throughout the series.

I was really pumped about reading Shatter Me because my friend recommended it and there was a lot of hype around it. However, I felt it didn’t live up to my standards (which might’ve been too high) and I thought I would love it a lot more than I did. This book just felt like another book because it just didn’t feel that original. Maybe the books get better and I have heard that they do, so I’m going to continue on with this series and hope for a good turnout!🤞🏻


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